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LEMAN auttaa asiakkaita kaikkialla maailmassa kuljetus- ja logistiikkatehtävissä. Lähestymistapamme on sama huolimatta tehtävän suuruudesta: pyrimme aina löytämään sen ratkaisun, joka palvelee asiakkaan tarpeita parhaiten niin ajallisesti kuin rahallisesti. Se vaatii kokemusta, joustavuutta ja luovuutta.  


Privacy- and Cookie Policy

Personal data at LEMAN

We take your data protection seriously. We process personal data and have therefore adopted this privacy policy, which informs you of how your personal data are processed. 

LEMAN is data controller of the data we collect concerning you and we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance to the GDPR. 

If you wish to contact us regarding our processing of personal data you can do that on compliance@leman.com we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. 

Processing of personal data

Personal data is every kind of information which in some way can be assigned to you. When you make use of our website we collect and process this kind of information. This happens for instance by ordinary access to content, use of services or purchases through the website. 

We collect and process the following type of data:

  • A unique ID
  • Technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Regional location
  • Pages you click (interests) 

The following data will typically be in connection to a login establishment or a purchase:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Fax number
  • VAT number
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Payment information 

Privacy policy in terms of recruitment

When we receive job applications and appendices they will be read through by the relevant manager with the purpose of reviewing the content regarding a position at LEMAN. 

Applications and appendices will be shared internally between relevant people during the recruitment process and will not be shared outside of LEMAN. 

Application and appendices are stored until the right candidate has been identified and the recruitment process has ended. Hereafter will the application and appendices be deleted. If we wish to store the application and appendices for more than six months we will collect a consent from the candidate. 

For unsolicited applications we store the application and appendices for a maximum of six months, hereafter the documents will be deleted. 


We have made the necessary technical and organisational arrangements to prevent that your data accidentally or illegally gets deleted, released, lost, impaired or gets to any unauthorised person’s knowledge, abused or in any way processed against the legislation. 


We may collect, process and use personal data for the following purposes: 

  • Processing your purchase and provide our service
  • Fulfilling your request concerning products or services
  • Improving our products and services
  • Adjusting our communication and marketing to you
  • Administration of your relation to us
  • Meeting legal duties
  • CRM related purposes

Data minimisation

We only collect, process and store the personal data necessary to fulfil our purposes. Furthermore, it might be determined by law, what type of data that is necessary to collect and store in connection to our business practices. The type and the extent of the personal data we process can be necessary to comply with a contract or any other legal obligation. 

Storage period

We will delete your data when it is no longer necessary for the purpose in which you have been informed. The time span, depends on the data’s character and will influence the basis of the storage. In some instances, we will store data in a longer period, this will be to meet other legal requirements.

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