6 Jun 2017

From Næstved to Kuala Lumpur in just 24 hours

Fast delivery of a crucial spare part for Howden Axial Fans

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At Thursday, a power station in Malaysia stalled, making it very crucial that a spare part was delivered as soon as possible.

"The missing 2 kg spare part was placed in Næstved, Denmark and we immediately realised the need to act quickly and find a good solution,” says Mia Wichmann, Division Manager for Air, Parcels & Express.

Within 10 minutes, it was decided that Kaspar Nissen from LEMAN's Air Export Team had to take the first flight from Copenhagen to Malaysia to deliver the spare part to the factory. 5 hours later, Kaspar was in Copenhagen Airport, ready to fly to Doha and then Kuala Lumpur.

“It is always exciting with such different bookings where we need to find creative solutions. Howden Axial Fans was happy and ultimately it is the most important thing for us,” concludes Mia Wichmann.

The spare part arrived 24 hours after booking despite the alternative transport and time pressure.

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For further information, please contact:

Mia Wichmann
Division Manager Air, Parcels & Express




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