2 Apr 2019

Oversized luggage on a large scale

12 meters, 13 tons and a tight schedule

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Recently, LEMAN in Sweden was contacted by a large world-leading industrial company, wanting to transport an unusually large piece of equipment. 


12-meter-long elements weighing 13 tons were to be transported from Durban, South Africa to Kazakhstan. LEMAN won the order and got to work.


Due to packing difficulties with the shipper in Durban, the booking came with very short notice. Our agent came through with a special lorry from Johannesburg and drove 14 hours there and back, struggling with heavy traffic along the way.


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It took 3 loaders to load the truck.


At the last minute, the cargo was delivered at a 747, where our agent was waiting to make sure every detail was attended to. Photos from loading were sent to the customer, reassuring them that everything went according to plan.


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Last minute loading onto the waiting 747 in Johannesburg.


Despite a 6-7 hours takeoff delay due to technical issues, the airplane made it to transit in Luxembourg and arrived according to plan at Almaty airport, KZ.


The customer was impressed, describing our service as “above and beyond what you can hope for”. They have assured us that LEMAN will be their preferred supplier, next time they need a quick response to an extraordinary transport.

Obstacles were overcome and service kept high. 


Have you got any oversized cargo? 

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