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Authorities demands for having local VAT representation are becoming more a rule than an exception – Ensure you have the correct setup before you get started

Since the world’s first successful internet connection was established on October 29, 1969, the world has been moving at a fast pace to connect and make our world bigger -> but the actual world is getting smaller.
Because of the internet it has become easier and cheaper to advance a business into geographic expansion making cross-border trading an everyday-thing for even the smallest e-commerce traders.

Unfortunately, laws and legislations haven’t been able to keep up with the pace of the fast-moving world, which results in some rather complex and outdated rules for import and export in some countries.

When it comes to the logic of VAT it is easy to be tempted to think, that the same rules apply in all countries, but unfortunately this is far from the truth and often it would require an additional local VAT registration in the country where you market your products if you have:


Sale to private consumers B2C

Service and maintenance contracts

Local storage of goods – local warehouse


Installing of your products



LEMAN’s subsidiary IntraVAT ApS has since 1978 been assisting companies and private persons in everything related to VAT, labor outsourcing, and advising in cases against the local authorities.

IntraVAT can as your VAT partner offer:

  • VAT registration
  • Fiscal representation
  • Reporting of VAT returns and EU-sales lists
  • Handling wages and work permits
  • Handling of authority-enforced audits
  • Advisor on VAT and other taxes
  • Courses and webinars in VAT and other taxes  

If you are planning on a geographic expansion for your company or already has begun, but encountered difficulties, IntraVAT will be able to assist you and ensure, that you and your company will get all the necessary help and advisory to put your mind at ease.

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