21. maaliskuuta

Dear Customer,

The political strike in Finnish ports will continue until Monday 1 April at 6:00 as per announcement of several labor Unions in Finland, Transport and Logistics Union (AKT) and Stevedoring Union.

According to the current situation we can offer alternative routes for transport if necessary.

For urgent shipments we can also offer the LEMAN Express option. According to current information the impact on Express services is minor.
LEMAN EXPRESS contact information: fi.express@leman.com

Consequently, only the units with driver (direct trucks) can enter the ferries, as no port operations or stevedoring is available for loose trailers.

This has caused several cancelled ferry connections per week, and forces logistics companies to use alternative routing. Additional consequences will heavily congested seaports and we expect all the remaining ferries to be overbooked, causing problems with having confirmed ferry places. We will also face a lack of haulage capacity, as every trailer will now go to ferry with tractor and driver.

Multiple ferry companies have also already published strike fees and higher prices, as they have to re-schedule and re-route several ferries during the coming weeks. We in Leman will of course do all needed to serve you in the best possible way during the strike period.

To cover the expenses of longer and more complex routings, we have forced to implement following strike fees for all the loadings/unloadings from/to Finland starting on 11. March 2024.

We are reminded that during these extraordinary circumstances, we still expect some delays in transit times, and payment of strike fee doesn’t guarantee faster transit times. All schedules will be given based on the best knowledge and estimations at the actual time of shipment.

LEMAN ROAD contact information:

Scandinavian and UK: road.turku@leman.com
Continent Europe: vantaaroad@leman.com


Possible disruptions in the airport's fuel deliveries and effects on cargo flows may increase delays. Several airlines have already set limits on the amount of cargo carried on passenger flights.

Please be prepared for possible delays in air cargo arriving or departing from Finland by air, or to shipments departing/arriving by plane during the strike, all of which are controlled by the driver unit.

The strike has no effect on the operation of LEMAN's air freight department. We work normally and do our best to arrange and minimize the impact of a strike for our customers.

LEMAN AIR FREIGHT contact information: fi.air@leman.com



The industrial strike actions affect stevedoring operations in every seaport in Finland. The scope of the strike includes all port operations in Finnish ports, including unloading and loading operations, receipt and release of units.

In sea freight, it is possible to arrange alternative transport routes for the export LCL service, although possible additional costs can be expected. If the container needs to be shipped, alternative routing is possible even during a strike. The cost is high, but it can be done.

After the end of the strike, congestion in the ports and delays in deliveries can be expected. Our own operations are working normally and looking for alternative routing and solutions where available.

LEMAN SEA FREIGHT contact information: fi.sea@leman.com


LEMAN SALES contact details:

Marjut Moisiomäki
puh. 050 599 4069

Pekka Matis
puh. 050 326 7026

Juho Hyvönen
puh. 050 593 6810

Zinaida Kolosova
puh. 045 251 7464

Miia Virtanen
puh. 040 821 6626